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Corporate Transportation

Published: July 15, 2017

Transporting your employees to necessary corporate functions is essential for success. However, making sure that they show up in transportation like limos and vans will guarantee your company looks even more professional to onlookers. Seeking out providers of quality transportation services in your local area is the best way to make sure that your employees are well represented when going out to business functions.


Vans have a number of seats, either bench seats or singular bucket seats. They usually have sound systems and are spacious. Many vans are even disguised so that onlookers cannot tell how luxurious the inside is to prevent theft and people from trying to get inside the van.


This mode of transportation is one of the most popular in the world for showing up in style. Limos, short for limousines, are long and come in a number of makes and models. Many limos are Hummers, Escalades, and other types of expensive vehicles. Since your business only has to rent one for its employees, it can afford to house them in a vehicle that makes a great impression at an event.


These come in the form of basic cars or taxis. They are effective in moving around just one or two employees at a time, usually after a party or a get together finishes and they need to leave in a singular fashion.


Every business should take into consideration the expertise and the quality level of the drivers they are trusting to scoot their employees around. Make sure the business you select is certified and very experienced so that your employees will never get in trouble, be pulled over, or get lost in the town that they are traveling around.

Executive Coach Bus

These buses have a few rows and many types of luxurious amenities. There is a large, glass, black door that people will exit out of and come in through. It actually looks shabby but it is so onlookers do not question the important people that could be inside the bus. Whatever you decide, make sure your employees are safe.

Worldwide Corporate Transportation

Sentinel Limousine has been in business for 30+ years, and we have established relationships with reliable corporate transportation vendors around the world. So, not only can we provide superior corporate transporation here in Rhode Island, but we can also provide it from London, England to Las Vegas, NV to Sydney, Australia. Talk to one of our transportation specialists today and rest easy that your employees will get to their location on time and on budget because our rates don't fluctuate based on the current conditions.