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Best Deals for the Business Traveler

Published: October 10, 2017

Going on a business trip is part of being involved with a successful enterprise, and most business executives go on multiple business trips every year. As such, it is essential to keep every business trip as cost effective as possible while getting the best deals in accommodation, travel services, and insurance. Here is how to plan your business trips in the most cost-effective way possible.

Good value accommodation

Business executives spend a lot of money on hotel accommodation and limo services. According to Business Travel News’ 2015 Corporate Travel Index, the average daily outlay was $164. While business travelers would be hard-pressed to find budget-friendly travel and accommodation deals in cities like London and New York, using a site like Airbnb can help you find great deals during your business trips.

Choosing the right travel credit card

A business credit card can be a great way to keep track of the company’s expenses. Additionally, you can use it to get deals on things like travel insurance. When shopping for a travel credit card, look out for one that comes with low-interest rates, miles and points. Some credit card companies like American Express Business Gold Rewards Card also offer bonuses and waivers on annual fees on business travels. A credit card will greatly provide savings for frequent travelers, and it is worth shopping around for the best travel credit card deal.

Getting the best flight deals

Using a platform such as Kayak (part of the Priceline group) can help you find and book flights for your business trip. The site provides real-time flight data which you can sort and filter to find the right flight for your budget. Most importantly, you can book your flight from an Android or iPhone App.

Choosing the right travel insurance

Finally, and clearly the most important thing, make sure you have a comprehensive travel insurance cover. The best way to find the right cover is to avoid purchasing one through a travel agent, airline, or tour operator, as they always add extra costs. You need to decide on the best cover you will need to use. If you travel more than five times per year, you may consider getting annual cover as well.

Sentinel Limo is your Travel Partner

Planning a work-related trip can be a strenuous exercise. Alongside the usual travel concerns, you also have to focus on the business aspect of your trip. Business trips do not have to be stressful, though. Whether you are traveling alone or as a team, Sentinel Limousine's corporate transportation services can help ensure that your trips run as smoothly as possible so you can focus on your work. Contact us today to make sure your corporate transportation is taken care of for the next trip and all future trips.