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Le Crème: 5 Best Gelato Spots in Rome, Italy

Published: May 01, 2018

An embodiment of both historical relics of ancient times and modern aspirations of fashion and technology, Rome is the epicenter of culture, arts, architecture and mostly importantly food! Known for its rich, indulgent and deep flavors, Italian cuisine is a mix of delicacies ranging from savory pastas, pizzas and perfected sauce; to a blend of decadent croissants, cakes, cappuccinos and chilly ice creams.

Taking your taste buds to heaven, the list of desserts includes one of the best creations the Italians have made, gelato! A heady mix of fresh fruity and nutty flavors blended into fresh cream, authentic Italian gelato is not something you want to miss out on your trip to the country.

Origins of Gelato

With roots in the 16th century, Gelato’s creation is credited to Bernardo Buontaleti. It was then used only by the Royals as a palate cleanser in between courses during lavish meals. But soon gelato found its way out of the royal kitchens and became popular among the locals. Today you can find a gelateria across the country in every city.

When you visit Rome and hunt for the best gelateria, the search can become difficult with so many places selling gelato. We have made the job easy and listed five of the best gelato spots in beautiful Rome.

1. Fatamorgana

Upon entering the gelato parlor you will be greeted by a rainbow of colors on the counter, as rows of different flavors line up ready to be served. The small chain gelaterias tucked away in quaint locations offer a variety of heavenly flavors, ranging from fruity to pastry and nutty blends. The most popular flavor severed in the shops is their Seadas gelato, among many others.

Location: Piazza degli Zingari, 5, Rome; near the Colosseum

Hours: Sun-Thurs - 12-10 PM; Fri & Sat - 12PM-1AM

2. Gelateria Giolitti

Operating since the 1900s and with more than 4,000 positive reviews, Giolitti is one of the must-try gelaterias in the city. The parlor serves a plethora of flavors, each famous and loved by many. The location of the gelateria has made it an attraction for many famous people, including Pope John Paul II!

Location: Via degli Uffici del Vicaro 30, Rome; near Palazzo Altemps

Hours: Sun-Sat - 7PM-1AM

3. Gelateria Come il Latte

This charming and quaint little gelateria near the Villa Borghese is famous for how they serve their gelato. They coat the inside of the cones with chocolate and top it off with the flavor you have chosen. Locals and tourists recommend this place for their unique service, and rate their pistachio gelato rave worthy.

Location: Via Silvio Spavena 26, Rome; near Villa Borghese

Hours: Sun, Fri-Thurs - 11AM-11PM

4. La Gelateria Frigidarium

Another must-try in the city of Rome, La Gelateria Frigidarium is a gelato place named after the frigidariums at a Roman bath house. The place is raved about by everyone who visits. Offering a huge selection of flavors at very affordable prices, you will be unable to resist a second serving.

Location: Via del Governo Vecchio 112, Rome; near Piazza Navona

Hours: Sun-Sat - 10:30AM-1AM

5. Gelateria Valentino

And last but not the least, Gelateria Valentino serves tourists and visitors making their way to see the Trevi Fountain with delicious gelato. Beating off the heat of the sun, the gelateria has a variety of different gelato blends, all reminiscent of Italian flavors.

Location: Via del Lavatore 96, Rome; near Trevi Fountain

Hours: Sun-Sat - 10AM-11PM

The gelaterias on this list are only the ones we recommend you start your journey with. There are many other parlors where you can continue this journey of taste in Rome. And remember; when in Rome, do as the Romans do and enjoy gelato as you make sweet memories on the trip. Meanwhile, why not take a tour of Rhode Island's best gelato spots and let us do the driving. What a great night out with friends! Click here to book your chauffeur for the night right now.