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Best Solo Vacation Spots

Published: September 15, 2017

The best US destinations for solo travelers

Whether you're looking to embark on an exhilarating getaway to reconnect with nature, brush up on your American history with a visit to an iconic landmark, or stretch your cosmopolitan wings with a visit to a bustling city, the U.S. has countless options for travelers who want to engage in a solo adventure. In fact, with so many amazing options, it can be difficult to narrow down the list, so here are four of the best destinations for solo travelers.

Washington, D.C.

Just the number of free museums and landmarks alone is enough to recommend Washington, D.C. to any traveler. But with the high number of great restaurants and beautiful infrastructure, this is one location for history buffs and foodies alike. Given that Washington, D.C. is also a popular tourist destination for people from all over, you may even run into fellow solo travelers, which is always a treat.

Boston, MA

No mention of U.S. history is complete without mention of Boston, MA. With numerous historical landmarks like the Old State House and Faneuil Hall, anyone looking to immerse themselves in the rich history of our nation will not regret visiting this city. Make sure to pay a visit to Boston's amazing museums as well. The Museum of Fine Arts and The Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum are essential stops. In fact, Boston is so packed with great destinations, that you'll be glad that you can take in the experience solo. If you're in the mood to explore the New England region at large, Boston is a hub with multiple travel services to get you anywhere you wish to go.

Grand Teton National Park, WY

With hundreds of thousands of acres of beautiful scenery, Grand Teton National Park in Teton County, Wyoming is a must for any solo traveler looking to revel in the beauty of America's national parks. Additionally, with several things to do including ranger programs, activities, and nearby attractions, you're bound to find something amazing that you didn't even expect.

America's Loneliest Road, U.S. Route 50, NV

While it is unusual to consider a road a destination, this is one that merits an exception. Traversing through the center of Nevada, U.S. Route 50 is known as America's Loneliest Road. With beautiful scenic views of the desert, along with fascinating remnants of America's past, this two lane road is a fascinating sight to behold. Just make sure to plan well, considering the scarcity of travel services and rest stops, and fuel up as often as possible.

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