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5 Mistakes to Avoid as a Corporate Traveler

Published: October 17, 2017

The art of luxury travel is one that is learned through years of experiencing first-class services. You might be traveling to the airport to pick up a senior executive, traveling in a limo to unwind or have business to conduct in a new country. However, there are critical mistakes corporate persons make when they make these trips. We have outlined them below so that you can avoid them:

  1. Overpacking - If you are traveling for a business trip, you shouldn’t pack too many things that will become problematic when you have to board a plane. Instead, you should pack smart and include essentials that you need. Keep it simple and eliminate chances of lost luggage.
  2. An overambitious itinerary - When creating your schedule, be realistic. Otherwise, be ready for surprises if you plan to travel to several locations in a country within a short time. Unless you have a private jet, always remember to have some downtime to catch up on sleep and other activities like checking your email.
  3. Failing to inform your credit card company - Traveling costs money, especially if it is luxury travel. Few corporate travelers take loose cash on their trips but rely on credit cards. Your credit card company can easily red-flag your card if they notice you are outside of your typical spending patterns. You need to inform them of your impending travel to avoid such inconveniences.
  4. Failing to reserve a reliable ground transport company - The travel services you receive will significantly determine the experience of the trip. Therefore, it is imperative to use a reputable company offering quality corporate transportation services to its clients. Establish a good rapport with a particular company, get familiar with their policies and you might even get discounts as a regular client.
  5. Not keeping track of your expenses - Most people forget that the trip is work related and therefore expenditures should be closely monitored. The conventional method required you to keep your receipts, but with technology, you can use apps that do a similar job. Remember to remain on top of your expenses to avoid surprises.

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