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No Place Like Home for the Holidays

Published: November 28, 2017

They say that there's no place like home, and there is no time when this is truer than during the holidays. No matter your faith or the holidays that you celebrate, your favorite way to spend them is probably at home, surrounded by the people that you love. For many of us, traveling is one of the last things that we want to be doing on a holiday. Unfortunately, sometimes it is inevitable. With a holiday-filled season coming upon us, read on for tips on how to celebrate while in transit.

Bring along reminders of home and what the holiday means to you

A few small, sentimental items can pack a powerful punch. Bring a few things that easily pack into your luggage and which emphasize what makes the holiday so special to you. These may be letters and cards from loved ones, or decorations and objects which remind us of a holiday's spiritual value.

Serve your favorite family recipes

For most of us, the meals that we share with loved ones are a big part of our holiday festivities. If you happen to have access to a full kitchen, use it to your advantage! Cook an old family recipe. On the road? Make something to bring along with you, even if it is a fairly simple recipe.

Explore local traditions

This is can be one of the most fun and meaningful ways to celebrate a holiday while traveling. Discovering new traditions can be a wonderful way to strengthen our relationship with not only a holiday, but a place. Exploring different traditions can even lead us to bring them home and create new ones for our future holiday celebrations.

Give others the gift of your time

Maybe this means spending the day volunteering for a cause which you are passionate about. Maybe it means helping someone with whom you cross paths while traveling.

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