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Cruising out of The Big Apple

Published: October 23, 2018

Luxury cruises are a fantastic way to see the world while being treated like royalty. New York is an amazing city to start your cruise vacation. Just a couple of blocks from Times Square in the comfort of a Sentinel Limo and you can be embarking from the Manhatten Cruise Terminal.

Once you are aboard the ship, this floating city complete with shopping, dining, bars and entertainment, will captivate your imagination. Relax in a comfortable deck chair or stand at the railing and watch as the city lights dim behind you as you head for the open ocean. Destinations like Bermuda, Canada, and the Bahamas can easily be accessed from New York ports.

The only problem you will have is deciding how to spend your vacation time. 'At Sea' days are days when the cruise ship is traveling to your destinations. On these days you can look through daily activity lists (left in your cabin nightly) for fun things to do and see. Go to an art auction (complete with champagne) and bid on gorgeous works that would be perfect in your home. Play Bingo for big wins. Audience participation can gain you prizes and lots of laughs in game shows with friends. Maybe you just want to relax on the deck and work on your tan. You can do that, too.

There are cruise ships with rock climbing walls, mini-golf, ice skating rinks and water parks. If you want an adrenaline rush, try zip-lining down the middle of the ship, high above all of the action below. Ride a specialized bike on rails around the edge of the ship where spectacular views of the ocean below and the skies above will give you the feeling of flying. This is your vacation - enjoy it however you want. Do it all or do absolutely nothing.

Has all of the excitement (or relaxing) made you hungry? There is never a shortage of food on these ships. Start your morning with room service orange juice, coffee and an omelet. You can sit on your balcony and enjoy the meal while you watch turquoise waters and distant islands. If you prefer company, head to the buffet for a variety of breakfast meats, fresh fruits, donuts and breads. Floor-to-ceiling windows allow you to enjoy the view while you make new friends.

There are cafe's where you can get fresh pastries and gourmet coffees and teas. Stop for a smoothie or grab a slice of pizza from the 24-hour pizza shops. Ice cream machines make it easy to satisfy your creamy cravings at any hour of the day or night. Maybe you need to replenish your energy before you hit the clubs for some late-night dancing? It's easy to grab a snack or a meal at any time.

Dinner is an elegant affair. Dress up in your favorite clothes for formal night. Pull on the glitz and have glamorous pictures taken in front of spiral staircase backdrops. Inside the dining room, linen table clothes and chandeliers will beckon you to your table. Several members of the wait staff will tempt you with baskets of assorted breads, tropical drinks and stellar service. Choose from menu items like juicy steaks, escargot, and specialty desserts like Molten Lava cake. Served in courses, dinner lasts about an hour - plenty of time to enjoy conversation with others at your table. Maybe you would want to join up with new friends for an excursion on the islands later?

Speaking of excursions and islands - you have reached your destination. Now what? Sink your toes into the pink sands of Bermuda beaches or snuba underwater with a specially made helmet that pumps oxygen, allowing you to walk along the bottom without a diver's certificate. Rent a moped and zip around the outer loop of Nassau, stopping wherever you wish. Dance with the locals, swim in crystal clear waters or party on a catamaran. There are plenty of excursions for every age and ability.

When you get back to the ship, tired from a long day of fun, you can sink into a hot tub and watch the stars. Slip back into your room and sink into a luxurious mattress. Plump pillows will cradle your head. Watch some TV or read. Have a late night snack delivered. When the dream-maker comes to woo you sleep, rest secure in the knowledge that tomorrow will be just as wonderful as today. Every day of your cruise vacation will contain great service, food and entertainment.

Getting to your cruise ship to start your vacation

Did you know that Sentinel Limo can drive you to the cruise ship in New York City, Boston, or any port in between. Call us today to arrange your transportation to and from the cruise ship. We can take just the two of you or even your own family. We've got the perfect sized vehicle to drive you in luxury. Contact us today.