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A Day in New York City

Published: July 24, 2018

Getting a bunch of friends together and hitting the open road to travel from Rhode Island to New York City for a day trip is a fun and simple idea when you have the right mode of transportation. With only 145 miles spanning between the Rhode Island state line and the Big Apple, who says this trip has to be uncomfortable? First things first, though, and that's getting the planning underway. Careful planning must take place ahead of time because, even though "winging it" in The City may seem like a good idea, there’s too much to do or become distracted by for this idea to work.

Transportation from Rhode Island to The City

While "cabbing it" could be a fun way to add to the authenticity of your city adventures, it could also add to the costs and eventually become problematic. Instead of taking a bus or train to NYC, opt for renting and Executive Bus or Coach. Not only will you be traveling in comfort and style, but you’ll also be able to accommodate many passengers for this day trip. Having complete control over how the trip goes from beginning to end is in your hands when you use an executive coach or bus.

An executive bus accommodates up to thirty-four passengers and also includes entertainment and a massive luggage area. This option is an excellent one for larger groups who are traveling to NYC for a day of site seeing or taking in a Broadway show. An executive coach comfortably seats up to thirteen passengers, has a large luggage area, onboard entertainment, and plenty of headroom. This option is optimal for more moderately sized groups with interest in smaller gatherings, seeing more sites, and creating a "party-like" atmosphere.

Shopping Excursions

A day in The City isn’t complete without hitting the shops. That being said, you and your friends are going to need a place to stow away your purchases. Because there are shopping areas galore, you can easily transport yourselves from one area to another and leave your bags behind at each stop. That makes the shopping experience so much more enjoyable when you don’t have to carry bags around with you. This is especially true if you plan to go from one end of New York City to the other, which is difficult to do during one single trip during the day.

Some stops to shop include the historic Henri Bendel, the Lego Store, the Shop at NBC Studios, Midtown Comics, Yankees Clubhouse Shop Times Square, and Westfield World Trade Center. Because walking from place to place may be difficult under some circumstances, using the executive coach or bus may be the best option. However, it may work best to park it in a central location—or meeting place—as a "one-stop" area to drop off bags, meet up before heading to another area, and make sure everyone is following the day's itinerary.

Dining Experiences

Do you want to hit a sushi bar? What about Balthazar's, where you can enjoy French cuisine at it's finest? If your group is craving pastrami, then Katz's Delicatessen can't be beaten. However, to experience an authentic New York steakhouse, you'll have to check out Keens Steakhouse between Penn Station and Times Square.

If your group would like to break up and experience multiple different dining locations, it’s easier when you have control over the transportation. When time is of the essence, and you’re working with a tight lunch and dinner schedule, waiting for a bus or cab isn’t convenient. The only time this works is if your group can find places to eat within walking distance of each other. Otherwise, the best option is to shuttle the group from one dining location to the next using the coach or bus. Keep in touch with each other via text regarding meeting back up to shuttle again when everyone finishes their meals.

City Explorations

There’s so much more to do in The City aside from just shopping and dining, and that includes taking in a show, as well as hitting the galleries and museums. When making your NYC plans, think about how much time you have for exploring with all of your friends. How long will you be in New York City, how much does everyone want to see, do you need to book a trip to the Statue of Liberty ahead of time, and are you going to visit the World Trade Center Monument? Answering each of these questions will help you plan your explorations better, and better manage your time as well.

Keep in mind, too, that your group is going to be filled with a lot of different friends and that means everyone is going to have different interests and ideas about how to spend time in NYC. A couple of friends may have interest in visiting galleries and museums, while others may want to get lost in the stacks of vintage bookstores. You may have friends who want to stroll through Central Park and others who prefer spending the majority of the day at the Empire State Building.

It’s possible to fit a lot of exploration into this day excursion. However, it’s important to understand that it may not be possible to fit in everything. In that case, consider planning another NYC adventure with your friends. That way everyone who couldn’t experience what they hoped could do so on the next trip. On the next trip, too, you all can come together and think about what went right and what went wrong during these city explorations.

Final Thoughts

Traveling from Rhode Island to New York City with a bunch of friends is a fun way to spend the day with plenty of careful planning. You can do this comfortably and affordably witha driver from Sentinel Limo aboard an executive coach or executive bus. This is a convenient way to travel through the city with your friends without having to worry about cabs or your possessions while you shop, dine, or explore. You can also use this bus or coach as a way of "meeting up" when it’s parked in a central location.