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Digital Tips When You Travel to Europe

Published: February 6, 2018

Technology has made luxuriant travel more accessible than ever. Today, even the elegance and cultural enrichment of a tour through Europe can be updated for comfort and ease with a bit of technical savvy and pre-planning. The following are a few things you can do on your next European excursion to take control and make the most of the experience with just your smartphone.

Check all flight prices using email alerts

Frequent travelers have always taken advantage of fluctuating flight prices. But with the functionality of email alerts and flight app notifications, you can snag a deal and make the fiscally responsible choice when booking your flight. Google and other platforms will push updates on trips you are tracking, saving you loads of money on high-end European experiences.

Utilize Currency Conversion Apps

When we travel, paying for things like corporate transportation, coffee, or fine dining can end up being confusing and consequently costly. European countries and their complex relationship with the Euro, in particular, make downloading a preferred currency converter app essential. has one of the most user-friendly and convenient apps available on the market, enabling you to control your budget and determine just what things will cost you while on the road.

Set Your Credit Card and Phone for International Use Early

Logistics have a way of complicating business trips and draining the air out of vacations. Making sure that your credit card company is aware that you will be making purchases abroad and that you have made arrangements with your cell phone provider is essential. Embarrassing card rejections when paying for a limo and five-star French dining experience or massive roaming charges can easily be avoided with some quick and detailed phone calls.

Do What Locals Do

Americans traveling in Europe have the benefit of not only companies providing high-end travel services to help them live elegantly, but also the internet and social media to help guide them through the local living experience. Mining the web for data regarding social hotspots, theft, and pickpocketing, as well as fashion, can keep you engaged, stylish and safe.

Travel Gear 101: Essential items to pack for your overseas trip

While a trip abroad can be lots of fun, the experienced traveler will be quick to remind you that it isn’t always a smooth ride. You will invariably have to deal with a few challenges in almost every foreign destination; some of these, however, can be avoided with proper planning. As you may already know, having the right travel gear is absolutely necessary for a successful trip. Here are the most important things to include in your travel bag.

Health kit

Your health gear should include a compact first aid kit, prescription medications, and a water purifier, each in a clearly-labeled bottle. Depending on where you’re going, you might need to include a few OTC medications, such as pain killers, antacids, and anti-malaria tablets.

Safety kit

To protect yourself from thieves who prey on tourists, consider buying a money belt. This item offers the safest way to carry around your cash, credit cards, passport, and other valuables. An alternative would be a concealed wallet which fits snugly under your travel clothing. Other safety items include a flashlight, compass and alarm. Don’t forget sunglasses for eye protection!


A pair of comfortable shoes is one of those things you can’t do without. There’s no way you’re going to enjoy a long walk with high heels or dress shoes. Even if you don’t like your travel shoes, no one will make fun of them while you’re on your trip. Remember to carry along shoe inserts for extra comfort during those long walks.

Comfort items

Perhaps you will need a little extra comfort to make your trip worthwhile. Take with you a travel pillow for the long flight, a bed insert to avoid contact with hotel bed sheets, earplugs to help you filter out the noise at the airports and hotels, and eye shades to help you sleep better.


No oversees adventure is complete without a good camera to capture some fun moments. There are many review sites to help you choose a decent one for your travels. Don’t forget to carry extra batteries and a charger (along with an adapter, depending on what country you’re traveling to) to keep your camera powered at all times.

Remember, even when you are overseas, we can arrange your ground transportation for your trip, too? Contact us at Sentinel Limo today to learn more.