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Most Colorful Fall Foliage Spots in Vermont

Published: September 18, 2018

When the summer season comes to an end, you should consider visiting Vermont one of these weekends to enjoy the fall weather. Known as the green mountain state, Vermont has some of the best mountain views, especially before the onset of winter, when leaves turn different colors: red, gold, yellow, orange, and other shades in between.

This period of peak foliage lasts for one month - mid-September to mid-October. In order to make your trip to Vermont memorable, you can visit these 6 places to enjoy the picturesque foliage from different angles.

1. Jeffersonville

Located to the south Lamoille river and north of Smuggler's Notch, Jeffersonville offers visitors a wide array of outdoor activities to choose from. You can enjoy the beautiful view of colorful tree leaves while going down a zip line over the green mountains. The activity can last an entire day since you have to traverse the forest on zip lines.

Alternatively, you can marvel at the beauty of Vermont's foliage from Lamoille river. For this part of the adventure, you can either rent a kayak or a canoe for the journey downstream.

2. Brattleboro

Located to the west of Connecticut river and lying within the Connecticut River Valley, Brattleboro is surrounded by hills and mountains. The best way to enjoy the view of colorful tree leaves is by hiking along the Wantastiquet mountain trail. Alternatively, you could go the banks of Connecticut and check out the view from an elevated position.

Another site that you can visit is the Estey Organ museum to check out historic musical instruments.

3. Mad River Valley

Famous for two of the best ski resorts in America, Sugarbush resort and Mad River Glen, this area offers picturesque views of Vermont's colorful trees. There are two ways to enjoy the scenery: on foot or by air. If you prefer the extra exercise, trek along slopes of mad river valley and enjoy the view from a high position. Alternatively, you can rent a plane and take a tour of the beautiful mad river valley.

While there, you can also try out local cuisine at popular restaurants such as 'American Flatbread' and 'The Common Man.'

4. Montgomery

This small town has the largest number of covered bridges (it has 7) in Vermont. The best way to enjoy the beautiful fall leaves is to rent a bicycle and ride along the foothills of Jay peak. Alternatively, you can follow the Missisquoi railway trail from Richford to lake Champlain.

Once you are done exploring the area on a bike, you can rent a boat and some fishing equipment, then go try to catch some fish at lake Champlain.

5. Woodstock

This small town has Ottauquechee river passing through it and is only 3 hours away from Boston. Woodstock has well designed footpaths to enable visitors explore the town by walking and enjoy the beautiful natural scenes. You can also trek along the Appalachian trail, enjoy the fresh air, and see the green mountains from another perspective.

Woodstock also has a farm museum and working dairy ranch where you can learn how cheese and ice cream is made.

6. Stowe

Located between mount Mansfield and green mountains, Stowe has some amazing views of Vermont's colorful tree leaves. This town is mostly known for its ski resorts. Although the chairlifts are used to take visitors up the mountain during winter, you can still take a ride on them during the fall. The elevated passenger ropeway allows you to view Vermont's colorful trees from a unique angle - you can almost touch some of them.

If you have time to spare after the chairlift ride, you can visit Ben & Jerry's factory to see how the town's favorite ice cream is made. You can also attend weekend art festivals.

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