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Baby on Board! 6 Tips for Flying with a Baby

Published: April 17, 2018

Whether you are new, or veterans in the parenting department, the idea of traveling with a baby or toddler can be anxiety inducing.

Why? Well, parents who have made these journeys, will attest to the point that traveling with a baby can be like traveling with a 'hyper active screamo band'.

One moment they will be off sleeping in your arms, and the next they will be flailing their limbs, screaming on the top of their lungs.

But don't let that thought scare you off from traveling with your little one. These journeys can be managed with preparation and patience and will give you precious moments to make unforgettable memories.

If you are about to venture into a journey and are looking to be prepared, then the following tips can be your savior.

1. Book Trip around Your Child's Schedule

Remember that the plane ride can be made most successful when it is planned around your child's sleep schedule. If you can, book a flight that overlaps with your child's nap or sleep time. This way, they can sleep through the flight. You can put your child in their jammies as soon as you get on the plane and try to soothe them to sleep. Bonus tip here is to not book flights with more than 6 hours of fly-time at once. If you do have to travel longer to visit family etc. then book a connecting flight, so your child can have time off the plane to run around and burn off energy.

2. Book Seats with Car-Seat Attachments

If you are traveling in a plane, book seats that have a connection for a basinet or car seat for your toddler or baby. The car-seat will be more suitable seat for your child than you having to have them on your lap for the entire journey. Also, it is much safer for them than being sat in a big seat. The next point to keep in mind is that if you are traveling with your partner, their seat should be beside yours. A team of two is better than you alone!

3. Bring Snacks and Drinks!

Kids hunger and thirst can come at unexpected times and the plane might not have snacks that your child actually likes. So it is a wise plan to have non-messy foods like their favorite crackers and cereals with you. The altitude and the temperature in planes can be quite dry, so keeping your child hydrated is important. Bring a sippy cup or bottle and keep it filed with water or juice at all times. It especially helps during landing and take-off to relive some of the air pressure.

4. Bring Clothing and Diaper Changes

Make sure that you dress your baby in comfortable clothes for the plane ride, and ALWAYS bring extra pairs of clothing in your hand-carry for emergency situations. A poop explosion or vomit extravaganza is a quite common with babies. Also bring extra diapers to last the journey. Plane bathrooms have a folding changing station, so you can easily change your baby to keep them clean. A bonus tip would be to bring some layers or a kid's blanket along as well. It can get cold in planes, so a blanket can help them get comfortable.

5. Bring Their Favorite Toys and Technology

Boredom on the plane is a common "temper tantrum" trigger on planes. Bring two or three small toys your child favors playing with. Another way you can keep them occupied is to bring some coloring books or a small surprise activity package. Also charge and load up your phone or tablet with apps and shows your kid enjoys. They can watch and play on them for the entire journey. Also, the shows and cartoons can actually help them fall asleep!

6. Ask for Help!

Flying with little children can be hectic and stressful. So never feel ashamed to ask the flight attendant's help if you need something. These tips might seem a lot to first time parents, but they will make your journey a whole lot easier. So, book your trip and have a safe and happy journey!