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Geocaching in New England: a great family adventure this fall

Published: September 8, 2017

Are you interested in finding some top-notch outdoor adventures for your family this upcoming fall in New England? If so, you will want to give geocaching a try. This exciting hobby is one that is currently all the rage, though people have been partaking in it for many years.

If you never heard of geocaching before, it's a good idea to do some research and find out just what you have been missing. Here's an introduction that will get you started with this fun pastime.

Travel in New England and find geocache spots

When on a road trip through New England, use your mobile device to access GPS in order to see where the geocache locations ('treasure' sites where items are purposefully hidden for geocachers to find). There are numerous spots for you to search for them located throughout the New England area. You can view a comprehensive list of these sites and their coordinates through an official geocache website for the United States.

Many of these sites are located within big parks, such as nationally recognized parks and even campgrounds. If you are up for an adventure, you can visit several of them within a certain period of time to achieve an official goal.

Treasures abound when you go geocaching

When you visit geocache spots, you will have to search high and low for a "treasure chest" of sorts. Within this container, there are all kinds of goodies that have been swapped out by previous visitors. These can be small random trinkets, costume jewelry, kids' figurines, or items that have been found in the area in nature. Also, there will be a little book or sheet to write down your names and the time/date you found the geocache.

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