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Homecoming Weekend in Rhode Island

Published: September 11, 2018

Are you coming to a homecoming weekend in Rhode Island? Is your trip back to the college or university built around one fantastic and very memorable football game? A lot of times the festivities before and after the game are even more important. You want to socialize with those friends you haven't seen in ages. You want to enjoy the experience because it doesn't come around often. You want it to be a special time.

You probably don't get many opportunities to return to campus. It's a place you grew fond of during your time there. You have many great memories with many special friends. Most are coming back for the big event. So why not arrive in comfort and style? Why not come back to campus in a classy vehicle?

It's also important that you take precautions with your trip. You may be tired from the travel. You might also enjoy a few adult beverages. A professional driver is a great way to be safe with your choices. We can make your trip more relaxing from the moment you leave the airport. Can you imagine the absence of stress knowing you will be picked up once you arrive?

It makes your trip to the big game or event so much simpler. It's the way it should be. You deserve a trip with all the bells and whistles. A professional chauffeur makes your life easier during what could be a stressful day. It's supposed to be extremely enjoyable. We help you make sure of that with safe driving and our respectful demeanor.

Maybe you just want a chauffeur for another special event in the area.

You want to arrive in style to your hotel and to the big game. You don't want to worry about renting a vehicle and driving around. Sometimes getting a rental vehicle is more of a hassle than it's actually worth. You have to worry about which vehicle to choose. You have to worry about purchasing insurance. You have to fill out all kinds of paperwork. Do you want the headache of that? What about the extra issues of finding a map and driving? Can you imagine just asking a driver who knows the area where you want to go? Can you imagine just having everything catered to your individual trip? That is what we do best.

Brown University, Rhode Island College, Providence College and the University of Rhode Island are all destinations people will want to safely arrive to. Maybe it's for an alumni event. Maybe you plan to tailgate with friends before the big game. You don't want to take any chances with driving while you enjoy the festivities. You might need a chauffeur for all of the events related to the homecoming weekend.

The great news is our professional chauffeurs provide an elite experience. They can provide advice on where to dine, shop and relax. They take the pressure away from your trip to Rhode Island and the surrounding communities. You can enjoy what Rhode Island has to offer without worrying about navigating traffic or getting lost.

You can truly enjoy your experience without having to concentrate on too many little things. Our drivers can take care of those little things for you. We put you at ease from the moment we open the door for you. You'll find our black car service provides an amazing experience every single time. Your only worries will be whether your team wins or loses or if you have enough time to visit with all your friends.