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How to Pack Light Without Doing Without

Published: October 31, 2017

Packing is a Chore

Packing can be a chore when you are planning to travel. This is especially true if you are visiting an area that has an unfamiliar climate. The best course of action is to pack clothing that is versatile so you are ready for any climate conditions without having to bring a whole wardrobe.

Carefully select your items

It may be tempting to grab clothing to suit weather conditions individually, but you can omit much of the bulky items that you have a habit of bringing with a little pre-planning. For example, rather than bringing a windbreaker and a heavy coat, you can bring an all-in-one jacket that repels water and wind, but also offers a layer of warmth for all temperatures. Most of these coats have a removable lining for convenience. Next, you should focus on footwear. It is best to bring a pair of comfortable, all-weather shoes with a closed toe and a rubber sole. There's plenty of versatile and stylish footwear on the market that fit this profile.

If you are planning to visit a tropical area or a climate that experiences warm weather the majority of the time, it is helpful to pack items which can be easily hand washed and worn without having to use a laundry service. Always choose a fabric that can breathe such as cotton, and make sure that it is durable and light colored.

Your baggage is important

If you are planning to only have a carry on bag, you need to ensure you select a durable bag with plenty of pockets and ample storage. You can fit lots of stuff in your carry on bag if you pack properly and bring items that can be versatile and not take up large amounts of space.

Always purchase a bag that fits standard airline carry on size requirements and check to make sure the zipper is sturdy and will not break in transit. Once you are packed, you can enjoy your trip without having to struggle with your baggage because you packed too much stuff.

You don't have to pack tons of items to pack smart. With some planning and some versatile items, you can cut down on the amount of clothing you bring on your trip, which makes traveling much more pleasant.

How many bags can fit in your transportation?

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