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Perfect Nights to Hire a Chauffeur

Published: December 26, 2017

Before we give you a few tips about how to enjoy your chauffeur-driven for the night, let's give you a few special occasions that would be even more special with a limo or black car service. New Year's Eve is a great night to hire a chauffeur for the night, but it doesn't matter how old your date is, what tastes define them, or the occasion you are celebrating. Adding a limousine to the ambiance of a date changes a date from a night to remember to an unforgettable event. Be it a first date, your anniversary, a high school or college dance, a chauffeur-driven vehicle takes any occasion to another level.

  • Homecoming and Prom - If you are in high school, there are two occasions that you will remember more than any others with respect to school functions: homecoming and prom. No-one will ever remember who the homecoming or prom king or queen is, but everyone will remember who showed up in a limousine.
  • First Dates - Whether you and our date are in your teens, twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, seventies, eighties, or nineties, a first date is a first date. You never get another chance to make a first impression.
  • Anniversaries - Marriage isn't always easy. Even when things are not bad, they can be mundane. Take your spouse on a date night in a limousine and it doesn't matter where you have dinner - you'll both be swimming in the lap of luxury.
  • Your Wedding - Of all the dates you'll ever have, there is one of greater importance than all the rest. You'll remember everything you did on that day for the rest of your life. And with the exception of the church and your honeymoon, you'll remember your limousine ride more than anything else.
  • Double Dates - Double dates are designed for fun and nothing says fun like a limousine. If you want your three friends to fall over backward laughing, smiling, giggling and cheering, pick them up in a limousine.
  • Blind Dates - If things go wrong, blind dates can be awkward. If you want to take the edge off an anxious situation, smooth things over with a limousine. Even if you're not the person of someone's dreams or they aren't the someone of yours, no one can help but have fun in a limousine.

Great Limo and Chauffeur Etiquette Tips to Remember

Limo rides and chauffeur services work tirelessly to provide their clients with memorable and luxurious trips to different destinations. Whether you’re traveling for business, to a wedding, birthday, or any other party, an exceptional limo experience is always a blast. While your driver wants you to enjoy the ride, there are some etiquette rules you ought to maintain to show respect to the driver and the limo service company. We’ve compiled some basics of what is expected of you as a passenger.

Inform the limo service of the guest count

It is advisable to let your limo service know the exact number of people riding with you. This info helps the company choose the most accommodating and safest vehicle for you. In case there are changes on your part, inform the company ASAP.

Treat the limo better than your own car

You can easily get carried away while riding in a limo but it’s essential to treat the limo as a valuable. Try as much as you can not to damage anything in the vehicle. Ask for assistance from the driver in case of any issues. Always remember someone else would be using the limo after you and the reason you should leave it the way you found it.

Know how to enter and exit the limo

This may sound absurd, but you need to maintain elegance while riding in a limo. There’s an appropriate way of getting into a limo without sticking the butt in the air. If there’s no person responsible for opening your door, always let your chauffeur open the door for you. Slide into the first available seat and smoothly swing your legs. Afterwards, scoot along to find the right spot for you. Repeat the same while exiting the limo.

Tip your driver

A general rule of thumb suggests a 15% tip of the limo rental fee or 20% for a special occasion limo. However, use your own judgment if you are dissatisfied with the service and report any issues to Sentinel Limo.

Limo transportation and black car service etiquette is easy to follow. Maintain courtesy, and you may be a favorite in one of our drivers’ lists. At Sentinel Limousine, we provide safe, reliable, and stylish corporate transportation services in the Rhode Island area. Contact us today for more information or to get an instant quote.