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Safeguarding Against Overbooked Transportation

Published: June 20, 2017

Airlines, travel buses, and other companies providing transportation services want their vehicles packed full of clients, so they earn a high amount of money per trip. Transportation services promising trips sometimes combine separate trips with few customers on board, resulting in some clients being kicked off their now-combined flights and rides. Likewise, they also cancel some trips with not enough customers, saving these penny-pinching companies money.

Corporate transportation is difficult to get right 100% of the time, often resulting in important employees not being transported appropriately. Several strategies exist to schedule your corporation's transportation with lower risks of employees being kicked off trips. Such strategies include booking trips in the morning or prior to the end of the day and booking direct trips without connections to other lines. However, relying on transportation agencies does not entirely safeguard against employees getting lost in transit.

Fortunately, there are effective and efficient methods of transporting important employees to their respective destinations outside of relying on flimsy, large-scale transportation agencies. One such means of transport is corporate ground transportation, and here are just a couple of options we offer at Sentinel.

Executive coach transportation

Executive coach buses are high-quality Van Terra buses crafted by Turtle Top. These buses have fine leather seats, digital media players with screens, and roomy spacing.

These Turtle Top executive-level buses are unmarked and look "normal" from the outside, not revealing sensitive information to any onlookers.

Stretch limousines

Stretch limousines generally seat eight passengers, feature screened media players, and showcase fiber optic lighting. Stretch limousines are ideal for accommodating any class of employee reliably and in style.

They also come equipped with wet bars for employees to refresh themselves and arrive at destinations feeling relaxed and ready to go.

Sentinel Limousine

Sentinel Limousine is a reliable private transportation agency that provides several vehicular ground travel services to corporations of all kinds. We are based in Rhode Island but are available around the world with leading contacts built through reputable work. Never worry about your employees not meeting important deadlines and being present at business functions, as Sentinel is the best company of its kind in Rhode Island. Book your employees' reliable, accommodating transportation by contacting us at Sentinel Limousine today.