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How to Stay Healthy While Traveling

Published: June 27, 2017

Sure, traveling can be stressful – with possible flight delays, the inconvenience of lost luggage or never-ending road trips with the kids. At the end, you return home quite a few dollars poorer and, sometimes, more than a few pounds heavier. It's easy to pack on the weight when you're traveling because of stress eating, but if you keep your fitness in mind and plan ahead with these tips, you'll make your trip a healthy one.

Plan ahead

Always plan ahead and pack your own snacks for the road or the air. You can bring just about any snack food on the plane as long as it is a reasonable size. Keep in mind the TSA 3-1-1 rule for liquids and gels when packing condiments, yogurt or other items on the list.

For road trips, pack everything in snack sized reusable containers and label accordingly to keep portions the right size. Follow nutritional guidelines and make fruits and vegetables the main snack foods followed by lean protein, low-fat dairy and complex carbohydrates. Don't forget to pack clean-up items like towels, extra bags, wipes and hand sanitizer. Packing nutritionally responsible snacks keeps you from grabbing unhealthy items at the airport or at the drive-through.

Research restaurants and food options at your destination and plan ahead on what you'll order to stick to your healthy eating plan. Consider making your own meals with supplies you can find at the local market and explore the culture while you're at it.

Dress for success

Keep clothing in light layers and not too tight or revealing. Not only will you be more comfortable during your trip but you will prevent potentially dangerous situations such as skin damage and sun exposure or even circulation issues because of too-tight clothing.

Don't forget to pack your workout clothing, including shoes. Making room in your suitcase for workout gear means you're more likely to use it.

Stick to your fitness routine

Make sure your destination has a gym or access to one. If not, don't forget to pack your resistance bands, some light free weights or your running gear. Having the equipment to do your own workouts in your suitcase, along with appropriate workout clothes, makes you more likely to stick to your fitness routine.


Taking plenty of water with you when you're exploring your destination is a smart move. Your trusty refillable water bottle should be your constant companion while you hike, bike or walk during your holiday travels.

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