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4 Top Tips For Traveling This Summer

Published: June 22, 2017

Summers are the best times for traveling. There are no stress-inducing work schedules or school assignments and, of course, there's the great weather. However, you might forget some critical traveling details. Here's a reminder on the main must dos before you embark on travel this summer.

1. Let your credit company and bank know of your travel plans

Such companies have security measures in place to track your credit card activity. If the records show activity in Paris and then later on Dubai, the fraud detection mechanism will assume your card is in the wrong hands. Usually, they freeze the credit card as they try to verify the user. To avoid being stuck in an airport unable to buy food because your card has been frozen, inform your credit companies of your plans to go abroad so they know it's you using the card.

2. Check the exchange rates

When traveling, you're going to be operating under a budget. Comparing the exchange rates for different countries will give you an estimate of the standards of living and price of commodities in the country. In the end, you will have a rough estimate of how much you will spend per day.

Next is a comparison of the exchange rates in your country and the destination you're travelling to. Exchange rates can significantly affect your budget plans, so research the (expected) exchange rates ahead of time to save yourself money troubles.

3. Have scanned copies of your documents to hand

Trouble with documents, such as your passport or visa, can bring your summer plans to a halt. Maybe they get lost as you maneuver via clearance in an airport, or fall out of your bag in the taxi. To be on the safe side, once you get your passport and visa, scan them and keep the copies both online and offline. Other items to watch out for are tickets and receipts - always take a picture of such documents to ensure flawless passage in and out of countries.

4. Find a non-digital guide book

Travel teams often get split up, or something happens to your tour guide. A guide book will have simplified map of the areas you are exploring. As you navigate the city, it is a great help to have a book with a translation of basic local language words. That way, if you get lost and have no digital backup, you will have an easy time finding your way.

Summer is a time for fun and exploration, but a simple slip of the mind can short one's vacation plans. Ensure you follow these pointers as you indulge in your summer.

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