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How to Get the Best Travel Experience

Published: January 30, 2018

Traveling takes you out of your element and introduces you to new people, places and things. Before you get swept up in the whirlwind of hustle and bustle, read these tips to get the most out of your travel.

  1. Give yourself plenty of time - Don't try to pack everything to do on a strict timeline. Some of the most amazing parts of traveling involve going off the beaten path and exploring. Try to give yourself enough time to travel and enough downtime to acclimate, especially if you are changing time zones. You'll be amazed how much more enjoyable travel is, not that you don't love it already, but giving yourself time to rest is the right self-care and a step in the right direction.
  2. Talk to people - Spend time asking new people questions, asking for their advice and getting to see a new perspective on life. You can learn a lot from listening to people and they may well tell you the history of their families, as well as the insights of their day to day life. They'll tell you all the coolest spots to visit and might teach you a thing or two about what to eat and drink in the area. A local guide is a priceless resource in getting an authentic experience. You might go to a bingo night, visit a secret hot spring or just benefit from socializing with a new group of friends as though you're a local.
  3. Do what you love to - If you like taking pictures, bring a camera and snap plenty of photos with your family and friends. It will help you remember the journey and help you to tell the story for years to come. Do you like to read? Then bring a book with you and spend time reading in a park or visit a local bookstore. If you like to listen to music, try to go see a live show or maybe see an orchestra at a school in the neighborhood. Take a yoga class or watch the sun set. Normal everyday things done in a new place make them fun, memorable and exciting. Sentinel Limousine wants you to enjoy your trip and balance work and play so you have the best trip possible. We're available for multiple airports and our knowledgable staff will guide you and provide excellent customer service.

Food Tips for Traveling

Food can be one of the biggest expenses while traveling, and it makes sense. While traveling there are a plethora of unique food options that simply aren’t available at home. Food is so inimitably linked to culture and geography that it’s so different from place to place. Experiencing the local food should be an integral part of any travel plan; however, there are some ways that a person can experience the local food and also avoid breaking the bank.

  1. Stay away from tourist traps - It's becoming a well-known fact that the areas frequented by tourists often have raised prices simply for that reason. Tourists are on vacation, so they’re often not worried about what things cost. It can also be hard to know a fair price in a foreign country and conversion rates make things even more confusing, so why not try to get more for your money.

    Often there are restaurants just a little off the main drag that have the same food at a greatly reduced price. Some great ways to find these restaurants are travel services, sites or apps that rate local restaurants, or by asking the locals where they like to eat.
  2. Shop at a grocery store once in a while - It may seem like a bit of a drag to have to make your own food. But it can save a lot of money, money that can be spent on other things, perhaps a limo ride on your big night out. Foreign supermarkets also often contain foods not found at home, which can be an adventure all of its own. If you're staying somewhere with access to a kitchen, you can get creative and go to town. Even if you have no access to a kitchen you can buy a loaf of bread and delicious fillings to make sandwiches, along with local produce or pickles to round off the meal.
  3. Take advantage of your hotel - Often hotels offer free breakfasts. This can be a great way to save as often people aren’t looking for the fanciest foods first thing in the morning anyhow. Other types of accommodation may offer alternative free meals or food items as well. If this is something that interests you, you can mention it when booking your stay.

Sentinel Limo Loves to Travel

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