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Our Top Passenger Safety Tips

Published: June 17, 2017

Limousines have become a common mode of transportation to and from a wide variety of locations, including airports, hotels, corporate offices and conventions, tour sites, concerts, proms and other dances, birthday and anniversary parties, sports arenas, casinos, wedding venues and funerals. Although limousine travel is incredibly reliable, you should always follow these important tips to guarantee that you have a safe experience:

Investigate the limo service before using it

You need to do more than trust statements on a company's website. Check customer reviews provided through third-party review sites, the Better Business Bureau and national and state industry and transportation associations. Additionally, ask the company to allow you to see the limousine beforehand so that you can check it for safety problems, such as poor maintenance and lack of emergency tools. Also, ask to see the driver's accident and drug test history records.

Follow standard driving and safety rules

Passengers traveling in any type of vehicle are expected to follow certain rules that protect them, their driver and others on the road. For example, wear a seat belt and never swap seats in a moving vehicle. Since distractions can cause accidents, always keep noise to a reasonable level. You also shouldn't do anything unapproved or illegal like smoking in a non-smoking vehicle, drinking alcohol while underage or doing drugs. Lastly, never leave personal items unattended in the limo.

Respect the company's and driver's rules

Your limousine driver will provide you with additional safety guidelines that you must follow while using the service. For example, the driver might inform you that you're not allowed to stick your hands, arms or torso out of the windows or sunroof while the vehicle moves. You might also receive a warning to never play with the locks or jump around since these actions can cause distractions and vehicle damage.

For additional safety tips or to schedule a limousine for your transportation needs, contact our luxury limo team. Sentinel Limousine has provided Rhode Island residents and visitors exemplary corporate transportation services for more than thirty years in addition to partner referrals around the world. Call today at 866-925-5466.