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Jaw-dropping, lifetime benefits of travel for children

Published: July 28, 2017

With back-to-school season just around the corner, parents everywhere are scrambling to fit a few more fun activities into what remains of summer vacation. Before you settle for another boring outing to the public pool or the local amusement park, consider the benefits of expanding your reach just a bit further. Quality, affordable travel services make this a workable option for even the tightest budgets.

Children are sponges

They soak up habits and attributes of the people, places, and cultures to which they are exposed. If your child's exposure is limited, both culturally and geographically, he or she is more likely to become a carbon copy of that group or that location. By exposing your child to a broader, more diverse range of experiences, you give them the powerful, lifelong gift of developing more than just tolerance for those who differ from him or her. You instill a sense of equality, acceptance, and respect.

Some parents mistakenly believe that these benefits can only be instilled by travel outside the country, or at least outside the state. Fortunately, nothing could be further from the truth. Exposure to diverse cultural experiences may be just a short distance away. Consider the differences, for example, between rural, upstate New York and Manhattan. Both are in the same state. But each is unique--culturally, geographically, and in many other ways.

Well-traveled children are confident children

When a child is as comfortable hiking up a mountain as he or she is with making a mid-town transfer on a public bus, standing up in front of the class to deliver an oral report will be a piece of cake.

Well-traveled children are leaders

When it comes time to choose a soccer captain or a class president, the child who values every member of the class and makes that known to his peers will be the one chosen for a leadership role.

Well-traveled children are adaptable

Rather than being flummoxed by a problem requiring a new way of thinking, a well-traveled child draws on his or her life experiences and finds a new way. Because they've been exposed through their travels to a variety of ways of thinking and methods of dealing with challenges, they do so with ease and grace when faced with their own problems.

Well-traveled children are socially adept

Having learned to interact with a variety of people, well-traveled children make friends easily and naturally. They are well-liked by their peers, in large part because they display a respect for all sorts of people, regardless of any cultural differences.

Sentinel Limo Loves Kids

So while you're working out a plan for a final outing before school starts, consider traveling outside the local area. Both you and your child will be better for it. And here at Sentinel Limo, we can make it even easier with our travel services.