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Top 4 travel pitfalls and how to avoid them

Published: July 7, 2017

It is hard enough to deal with busy traffic and inclement weather while at home, but overcoming such problems during a business trip can be all the more challenging. With bags to check, hotels to book, and meetings to attend, any minor snag can quickly turn into a major hurdle. However, knowing what to look for is half the battle, and a bit of foresight can go a long way toward making the right preparations to keep you out of trouble.

Cancelled car rentals

Not all corporate transportation services are as reliable as Sentinel Limo, and many companies will cancel your car if your flight is delayed. It is a sure way to end up stuck at the airport, delayed for minutes or hours. To avoid this, make sure to rely on trustworthy travel services.

Lost or stolen items

Keeping tabs on all of your personal belongings can be a challenge when traveling to a new city or town. We all know how much of an inconvenience a lost wallet can be, but when traveling, this inconvenience can turn into a serious problem. Remember not to over pack so that all of your belongings are easily accounted for, at least until you make it to the hotel.

Rough Weather

When traveling to a new climate, it is easy to forget to pack your mittens, or a good sturdy umbrella. While a walk through a new town can be pleasant, always have reliable transportation arrangements as a backup, so you are not sopping wet at your next meeting.

Jet Lag

This is especially true for international travelers, but even the time difference between New York and LA can make early morning or late evening meetings a struggle. If it is a real concern, try to adjust your sleep schedule ahead of time, so the time difference isn't as big of an issue. And when all else fails, at least you are able to rely on a trustworthy limousine service to work out some of the logistics for you.

Sentinel Limo Travel Services

Looking to take the hassle out of your travel? Sentinel Limo offers professional travel services that will ensure everything runs smoothly on your trip. From corporate transportation services to airport service to arranging anything you need while on your trip, Sentinel Limo is the FIRST call your team needs to make.