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8 Tips for the Solo traveler

Published: June 05, 2018

Traveling to exciting locations and discovering new things is a dream of many people. But out of these people, some of them refrain from booking an adventure of a lifetime just because they have no one to go with. Whether it's for a weekend away or a long journey to the other side of the world, we understand that traveling alone can be a daunting thought. But in reality, with just a few tips and tricks you can beat the nerves of making a solo trip and go on an adventure that you will never forget. The following easy tips will help you give yourself a confidence boost to book that solo trip for your next vacation.

1. Choose a Location with Multiple Positive Reviews/Ratings

When you have the peace of mind regarding the safety and legitimacy of the location you will be staying at, half of your worries go away. Before booking an accommodation, do a thorough research and choose a place that has multiple positive ratings. Check the reviews to get a good idea of the neighbourhood, host and any other important details.

2. Stay somewhere with WiFi

Most hotels and accommodations provide the facility of free WiFi. This will come in handy when you either can't go outside due to weather conditions or it's late at night and you have nothing to do. You can chat with your family or friends back home if your anxiety strikes and you feel homesick.

3. Avoid Single Supplement Lodging

There are some hotels and cruise lines require two people to share a single accommodation. And if you want to stay alone in one, you will be asked to pay a single supplement fee so they can make the same profit as if you brought a companion along. If the fee is not disclosed before the booking, then ask before making the reservation.

4. Find Other travelers

Hanging out with another traveler for a few hours in the day is a fun way to have a conversation and meet fascinating people. Hang around famous cafes and tourists spots, go to local festivals and events or try using apps like ‘Meetup' to find other people. You can also use the ‘Couchsurfing' app to find local hosts who let travelers stay with them for a short period of time.

5. Start your Day Early

If you don't like to surf through huge crowds and busy locations filled groups of tourists, try to get an early start to your day and go sightseeing. During the early hours when most of the travelers are sleeping off last night's excursions, you can get a chance to see the local attractions without the hustle and bustle.

6. Do Something New

Some people hesitate to try new things because they are alone and won't have anyone with them if things don't go as planned. To ease yourself into new things try to do something small that you won't have time to do normally, like spend an entire day at a museum or the beach. This can be an excellent moment for you to cross off items on your bucket list.

7. Don't be Afraid to Eat Alone

Having a quiet meal at a local eatery can be an excellent time to have some down-time and unwind from the busy day of traveling. Chat up with the waiter or bartender and have a conversation about the local areas or exchange stories.

8. Revel in traveling Alone

The whole idea of traveling to an unknown place is to find new things, step out of your comfort zone do things that you can't during normal days. Being on your own means that you have an opportunity to do things you want, without worrying about others. While being on your own can actually be a very freeing experience, and you might even learn to love your own company. You just have to brave the first step and board the plane. You might be surprised by the experience of traveling solo and make many memorable memories.