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When Traveling With the Kids

Published: July 21, 2017

Traveling with the kids can be a bit like herding cats; getting everyone on the same page at the same time is hard work. In addition to keeping them entertained, fed and making frequent pit stops, you should also remember these 5 tips that will make for a better trip for everyone.

1. Plan ahead

Small children are curious and love to explore new places like airports so the key is to have extra time for them to look around, ask questions and check out the environment. Everything to a child is an adventure, even a limo ride, so make sure you aren't pressed for time and are able to enjoy the moment. Exploring is great, but consider a child tracking or monitoring device worn by the child with a warning alarm if they get too far away from mom or dad, just to keep things safe.

2. Pack right

Make sure to pack the appropriate clothing for the activities, environment and weather so that the child is comfortable and happy. Load your device with games or apps that are age appropriate and able to keep the child entertained during any wait or down times. Come up with “I-spy” or other family games for road trips to keep everyone engaged. Don't hand out toys and games all at once; spacing things out keeps the excitement on an even keel.

3. Avoid the bugs

Don't forget the antibacterial wipes for surfaces and utensils, baby wipes for hand washing and cleaning up spills, and hand sanitizer to kill those germs. Medicines such as baby aspirin, antihistamines, hydrocortisone creams and antacids, as well as a thermometer should be included in case of illnesses and stomach upsets or unexpected allergic reactions. Healthy snacks and plenty of water for road trips can keep everyone's tummy happy.

4. Let them own it

Get the kids involved in the trip no matter what their age. Older kids should be encouraged to keep a trip journal, including drawings and pictures of the places they've been, new foods they tried and more. Postcards collected along the way are a great way to incorporate more information on your destinations. Even teenagers can be involved in trip planning, including activities and points of interest that appeal to them.

Smaller children can be given their own age-appropriate camera to document their surroundings. You may just be surprised at their fun perspective on the world when you look at the images later.

Make a game out of packing bags so that they have comfortable, familiar clothes and toys with them on the trip.

5. Bargain hunt

Look for family discounts and special offers with travel services for groups to save money and cause less stress before, during and after the trip. Accommodation that provides cots or cribs, toys and a babysitting service can save money, time and trouble and can be a welcome respite for parents on a long vacation. Consider traveling with another family to share the load and split chores as well as maximize discounts and accommodation costs.

These five tips will help you have a smoother, more relaxing escape with the whole family, especially the children, and make memories that last a lifetime. Enjoy each other and your surroundings and rely on Sentinel's travel services for every form of travel including family, group and corporate transportation. Our friendly staff can assist you and your group with all your domestic and international transportation needs.

Sentinel Limo Loves Kids

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