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Welcome to the Boston Logan International Airport

Please follow the instructions below in order to meet your chauffeur at Terminal B.

If you have any questions or concerns please do not hesitate to contact our 24-hour dispatch at (401) 434-2700.

These instructions are for Terminal B only!

Sentinel Limousine - Terminal B Directions Step 1

1) Exit the secured area by coming down this set of escalators. Turn left at the bottom and head towards baggage claim.

Sentinel Limousine - Terminal B Directions Step 2

2) Find your baggage carousel and collect your checked baggage.

Sentinel Limousine - Terminal B Directions Step 3

3) ***IMPORTANT*** At this point, please pause and call our 24-hour dispatch center at (401) 434-2700 or (866) 925-5466 to let them know that you have collected your baggage and that you will be ready to be picked up shortly. Massport policy does not allow your chauffeur to wait at the terminal for any more than 10 minutes. Only after receiving this phone call will your chauffeur be dispatched to your terminal. It will take your chauffeur between 7 and 15 minutes (depending upon how busy the airport is at that time) to arrive at your specific terminal after you call in.

Sentinel Limousine - Terminal B Directions Step 4

4) Please exit the terminal on the ground level (level 1) by either door B-101 or B-113 depending upon which is closest. You must then use one of the cross-walks to cross 3 lanes of traffic and enter the garage area in the center of Terminal B.

Sentinel Limousine - Terminal B Directions Step 5

5) Depending on which side of Terminal B your plane taxied to and which door you exit, you may have to walk down to your left or to your right towards the main traffic entrance and exit for Terminal B. The diagram to the left was provided by Logan Airport to help show customers where Limos must wait for you. Limos are color-coded throughout Logan Airport by the color Purple.

Sentinel Limousine - Terminal B Directions Step 6

6) The Area where the Limos will be waiting is marked in Purple as shown in this picture.

Sentinel Limousine - Chauffeur will look like this

7) Your chauffeur will be waiting for you there holding a sign that looks similar to this.

Sentinel Limousine - Feeling Lost

***If at any time you are confused or feel lost, find an information booth like the one pictured here and ask for help. You may also call our 24 hour dispatch center for assistance at (401) 434-2700.

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Robert was excellent! He asked us which route we preferred to take because of the reports on the traffic radio! Thank goodness because we skipped the traffic and made it to the church on time!

Lisa Chow

I wanted to thank everyone for the great day my guest and I had at the Patriots / Jets game. The limousine ride was great and our driver, Rob, couldn't have been more courteous or helpful.


There are three things that are important to me as a customer. The first is being on-time, the second is professional and courteous drivers, and the third is competitive rates. That is why I use Sentinel Limousines service, and that's why I recommend them to all of my friends!

Bob Pompei, President
Action Automation